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Earth Treasures is the source for low prices on a magnificent selection of high quality rare minerals  for sale, as well as high quality, Herkimer Diamonds and hand made jewelry.

All our products are packed very well with a lot of bubble wrap in an over sized box and insured fully.

We take full responsibility for the safety in shipping your purchases.

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Rare Mineral Specimen
Essonite Garnet With Calcite

We also sell these minerals:

garnet,lepidolite,malachite,sulfur,wulfenite on limonite,actinolite,adamite,alabaster,aragonite,apatite in chalcedony,atacamite,aurichalcite,barite,beryl,bixbyte,bronchantite/cyanotrichite,calcite-mangano,calcite-aragonite,calcite santa eulalia,cavansite,celestite,citrine,colemanite,conichalcite,dolomite,elmwood mine asst.,endlichite,epidote & garnet,flourite,galena,garnet- spessartine,half geode,goethite,halite,hematite "rainbow"